Diamond Kiosks

Your design

We are the only digital-kiosk manufacturer offering limitless finishing options, with a large choice of natural woods, high quality lacquer and metalic paints, and great looking synthetic surface materials.

Environment cautious

Conception, Manufacturing , Operations, End-of-life:
We try to have the lowest possible impact on our environment. 

Local and natural materials
European forests
By weight, >80% of our product is made of locally sourced wood
Short Supply Chain
Switzerland / France / EU
>80% raw materials, manufacturing, technical support and distribution
Low energy consumption
27W typical
Less than the TV in your living room.
CO2 storage
30kg of eqCO2
Trapped in our product during its lifetime.
End of Life
Recycled, reused or incinerated
By weight, >90% of our materials can be easily recovered.
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One-stop Solution

You don’t need to gather a team of specialists to work with us. We control the entire value chain, and can guarantee a smooth, simple and satisfactory deployment in your environment.

Versatile Electronics

The electronics embedded in your kiosk is versatile and powerful enough to handle any application, from data collection to real-time 3D experiences. 


in Switzerland